Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Courtney Love works it for Italian Vogue

Let's face it, Courtney Love has looked like hell over the past few by hell I mean a hell that makes Britney look o.k...but that's hasn't seemed to bother Italian Vogue, who seem to have invested a few years in airbrushing her out this month. I've got a soft spot for Courtney so I'm more than happy to pretend that this is what she actually looks like.

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MollyFall said...

Almighty photoshop... frightening that this woman on the pictures could be ANYONE... i love this tendency of making anyone look the same. ok, it might be good for old courtney:)

eclair said...

People joke about photoshop awards but I really believe they should start giving them out. This right here, this is more than a little touching up - this is complete reconstruction. It's art!
And that purple dress is diviiine.