Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A bit of Vintage LiLo

Let's face it...her currentl 20 going on 50 look is so much hotter than her initial start.

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Where'd Kelly's Other Half Go?

Honestly...this photoshopping racket is getting ridiculous. I'm o.k. with someone airbrushing SJP's nose into something a little more palatable...but taking off 50pounds? Come on...

Kelly's doing promo shots for her new role in Chicago.

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The real thing a few weeks ago.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better Before

This mess 90s

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VS this mess 07

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Angelina's been CGI-d....well.

For the new Beowulf film. Well well well, we've come a long way from Jumangi.

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Beowulf - video powered by Metacafe

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Posh Spice's dream comes true!

she gets to be...a REAL actress.
playing the part of...Tinkerbell...yes...Tinkerbell.

Hey...Julia Roberts went on to win an Oscar.
Ugh...seriously, who on earth wants to see another Peter Pan movie? Snorefest.

That being said, the similarities are uncanny.

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(sorry, this story is incredibly belated, but I've been a sick puppy these past 5 days...)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry guys

Hi Guys,
Sorry, I've been busy entertaining (no...not in that way) a friend from the States this week. What has been his parting gift? I weird stomach virus and him going over on my 6MB internet limit --> which means I've been throttled down to practically a dial-up state.
Good news is that it's all going to be sorted tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Britney before breakfast

...is always a disaster for me.
She wishes everyone a hawt weekend I'm sure.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whose GD legs are they?

Mariah launches her own perfume...and that random model looks kind of o.k.
Let's be thankful that Mimi didn't go down the typically egoistic route of placing herself in the ad...that would have required many hours of photoshop...

I'm also really glad that they went for a really realistic jungle-shoot. Those overly stylised shots are so passe afterall.

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The real legs.

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US Weekly ponders the deep questions

...personally, I find the question "Why does PeteDoherty have to inject heroin into his eyeballs?" a lot more relevant, but hey...why these transvestites can't find a blind man is a valid and important question as well.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bunny Andre!!!

OMG I'm so touched I could cry. Jordan and Peter Andre finally got around to naming their daughter...and what a beautiful they've chosen --> Bunny. You have to admit, that's just pure elegance. Gwhineth's Apple and Moses can eat their hearts out really...Bunny Andre is now on the scene.

Personally I think it's so prudent for parents nowadays to give their kids names that are easily transferrable onto the hardcore porn sex industry.

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Gisele is still #1

Forbes just released their highest paid supermodels list and Gisele is still number one by a wide, wide margin, earning $33M a year. Kate Moss is runner up at a paltry $9M dollars. I know a lot of you all think Gislele looks like a man...but I'll be honest, she's pretty hot.

My favourite models Karolina Kurkova and Jessica Stam came 8th and 15th respectively. Full list here

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I can't handle Kiki on an empty stomach

...girlfriend should head up an anti-crack campaign. On the plus side, she doesn't look a day over 45...so I guess she's doing something right.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

I for one am quite glad that both Jessica and her mother could lead quite lucrative lives as non-blow-up sex dolls. She's at the Miami fashion week launching her new swimwear line. Fascinating I know.

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Bring back the terrible ads please!

I'm sick of the streamlined and beautiful St John/Angelina Jolie Ads....Bring back the crappy Kelly Gray ones!!! They were kwality with a k, and I loved every single one of them.

C'mon, it's a simple question of irresistable...
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Versus forgettable...
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Posh Spice is melting my heart a little

It's actually really hard to say this but uh...I think I'm warming to her....o.k. I need to lie down right now.

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I'll be honest

Girlfriend rocks my world...

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Sisley tries...hard

I don't know. It kind of works...it kind of doesn't. I'd say it blows...but that would just be pathetic. Problem is, it's just trying so hard to create some kind of controversy.

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Are they also trying to do a homage to the Lindsay-knife episode? --snoozefest.

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Beckham's look hot in W magazine

I usually don't really like Steven Klein's stuff...but this cover is pretty slick. Also, Posh Spice really cleans up nice with a bit of lingerie and a sprinkling of photoshop. It's a little bit too tryhard Brangelina...but hey...that's not a bad couple to try to aspire to.

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uhh...?!? Beckman and Robin?
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elisita's heart melts a little

O.k...not really...but enough to make me post it on TBLE...I figure we all need to clear our heads of the fug every once in a while.

A puppy named "Heart-kun" has been born in Japan with a large, clear, love-heart-shaped pattern in his coat. Shop owner Emiko Sakurada said it was the first time a puppy with the marks had been born out of a thousand she had bred.

As far as I know, it's a real story, not photoshopped.

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She does weddings too!

I can't hate Tori...I really can't, especially now that she's become a Reverend. That's Reverend Tori Spelling to you all. She says in her blog:

"So, very exciting weekend for this new mom. I am now officially ordained. Yep, thats right....Reverend Tori Spelling!"

She also can't spell caberet, and places apostrophe's on everything...but hey...for someone that just received $200,000 out of a $500million fortune...I'm not going to hate.

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Poor Courtney

I've got a terrible soft spot for Courtney...but this Amy Winehouse/Pete Doherty love-child-look isn't really working for her.

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Getting old sucks...

Then and now.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007

When did Danes turn into a swan?

I totally missed it...she's looking fantastic. Has she done a Michelle Williams on us and gotten a subtle nose job? Whatever it is...twas worth it. She looks (dare I say it) rather gorgeous.

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Who'd have thought?

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Find Sienna

WTF is going on with Sienna Miller? Girlfriend needs some serious bleach, metamucil tables and eyeliner. She was much hotter when she was going out with Law.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Eva Eva Eva

Well, she looks like she got caught in a kimono/sari/legally-blonde nightmare with Amy Winehouse as her makeup artist and Bjork as her muse....but let's face it...she still looks beautiful...and for some reason, that scares me.

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Happy (belated) 4th of July!

From the future of America...Paris Hilton-Christ.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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Yes, it's Elizabeth Hurley's son...yes it featured on her main website yes it was advertising girl's bikinis, and yes it was pulled due to controversy.

Frankly I don't really get that freaked out by boys dressing up as girls...I don't think it's such a huge deal unless the kiddie doesn't want to. What does freak me out quite a bit are 5year olds going on 32. These pictures is still up on her site when you click on "kids". Creepy.

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