Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hey Tara hun,

Hey Tara,
Before you die from alcohol poisoning...naked...alone...on the floor of a sleazy club...make sure you sue your (butcher) surgeon. I KNOW that you're a little drugged up by now...so I'm going to help you....basically...a nipple that looks like this:

Coupled with breasts that sag like this:
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= Unattractive.

Weight-loss = Boob Loss?

We live in a world where celebrities put in and take out their implants as quickly as they get married and divorced. No matter how obvious though...stars always try to come up with some plausable solution to the perceived change. How many times have we heard the "I worked out and lost weight" claim. Bah! Anyway...as much as I distrust celebrity claims...maybe there is some truth to the weight loss=severe boob loss. Check out Jennifer Connelly as a prime example...
She went from this in the 80s/90s

to this in the 00s

This of course does not explain this crazy transformation:
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Jessia Stam...the first TRULY 'Cute'iful!!!

Yup...that's right. It's a word that has been created because of Jessica Stam....CUTEIFUL!!!
This girl is so beautiful...it scares me.

With any hair colour
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Cameron is a bit of a Minger

Well...to be completely honest with you. There was never a doubt in my mind. Even from her "The Mask" hype...I hated her nose. Now...there is much more to dislike. In her defense, she seems like a nice enough gal...and if she can fool Hollywood, good for her.

I would click to enlarge to enjoy to full fugliness of it.

Renee...thank your lucky stars

Does anyone else out there that Renee is fugly to the extreme? Especially in a land of Hollywood perfection. The poor thing is so thin nowadays trying to compensate...but I say she should give up...because fugliness cannot be remedied with a simple eating disorder.

o.k...so maybe that's a cheap shot....what about this?


EEEEEK...stop it...you're scaring me..you look like Botoxed (but beautiful) Ms Kidman

Oh my Gawd.

Oh my god...this man is simply delectable!!!

If this man ever approached me for illicit casual sex...(provided I looked like Angelina Jolie...post nose-job...not the frumpy whale that I am) I would say an unequivocal, unanimous, VERY enthused YES YES YES!

Bah! And to think that Gwyneth boring schmoring "I-learnt-Spanish-in-a-week" Paltrow got to kiss him *sigh*

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yes....there is (a little) justice in the world.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I doubt many could ever argue with that that...in a world of horrors such as Renee Zellweger and J-Lo...and your average Jane... But it's nice to know that the world is a little fair....you're not always born with it...take a look at these before and after....SCREAMS nose job!!! Why hasn't anyone picked up on this much???


And After

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hey Emmanuelle.....

You used to be a pretty girl....real pretty. One question. What on EARTH have you done with youself? Refer to your old look below. Looking like a weird, fried, trashy Barbie is ughh......so beneath you. Start looking Francais again!!! Please? Posted by Hello

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No Elisa...you do not look like Paris Hilton...

No...you do not look like Paris Hilton. Posted by Hello
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Hello There.

Hey There.
It is 3am...and I figured this would be a swell idea.
Love you guys,