Saturday, May 17, 2008


I remember when Nikki Coxwas a low-rent Christina Applegate on Unhappily Ever After? Remember that show? --yeah, neither do I. In any case...girlfriend always looked a little fake...but this monster-look is new. I feel like she's going to eat me...soon.

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Nikki before.

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WNelWeb said...

She's gone form us now...
Gone to the Land of the Lips.

Anonymous said...

Her cheeks are puffed out accommodate facial movement room pushed up by the huge lips and closing her eyes to almost slits. Hilarious really. When she forces a smile I bet her ears pop inside and her gums teeth chattered in agony to hold the expression.

Sylvie said...

Her lips are ridiculous! When I saw her on Ghost Whisperer the other week I couldn't believe it! Why do they do that to themselves? It seriously looks horrible!

Anonymous said...

Ewww. That's gross. She's ruined now.

Anonymous said...

How sad - yet another perfectly-cute girl has become a victim of the knife - throw her to the pile with Jenna Jameson, Shauna Sands, Priscilla Presley, et all.