Sunday, July 13, 2008

US Kath and Kim looks....BAD

OMG...this looks awful!
I don't know why Americans feel the need to US-ify perfectly good comedies such as the Office and Kath and Kim...simply because their accents are different!

This is a butchering of Aussie show. The very funny Kath and Kim...*shudders*

The original


Pia said...

You are right Elisa, the US version of Kath & Kim looks like righteous shit!
That said, if you look at it as less of a remake and more of a borrowed notion you can kinda appreciate it. Kim is still a vacuous self centered slag and Kath is still um Kath.
I think this will bring even more coverage to our Aussie gals, the US version will get prime time air and lots of viewers will have a looksee and likesee of the original. I think Kath n Kim is currently viewed as arthouse over there.

I do like the US Office though, Steve Carell is a genius.

Sylvie said...

I liked both of the Offices, British and US. And, the guy who is playing Tim now Jim, is really cute. Tim was cute too! I didn't even know Kath & Kim was an Australian show until now. Which sucks 'cause now I want to see it and since we're in different region zones, I'll probably never be able to see it! Damn! It looks really funny too! They both do to me! At least, Selma Blair is in the US version!