Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sam Ro in a bikini is kinda freaking me out... I'm used to this:

and this is kinda freaking me out...Linds and SamRo in Mexico..doing --> not much.

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Justin said...

Sam's body reminds me of a friend of mine. His name is Luke, and he's a skinny white guy. I'm Pretty sure she's a girl, right?

nate said...

awww... they have matching sandals on... and boobies... and that's about it. Ya know, if they're happy I'm happy for them. LiLo has definitely seemed less irritating since she decided she wanted to play on the estrogen side. I just wish she would get her gf to have a wash- she always looks so manky!!


Kristen said...

SamRo's posture is atrocious! She'd look so much better if she'd just stop stooping.

Cecilita said...

we want new posts. I certainly do.
come on, stop being laaaaazy.
I am dying of boredom in marrakech and your blog always cheer me up.
pretty please?
ta love.

Elisa said...

aww how can I resist a request like that. I'll thrash out some posts tonight!
I haven't been lazy though [well maybe a little :)] -- had a killer week with work and law school.