Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Hair and bling do not a woman make...good ol' Caster Semenya. [person in the gender/racing controversy]

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5 comments: said...

not gonna lie, i don't think she is cover girl material. maybe next time put her in a suit and see if she's cover boy material?

Anonymous said...

that is definatly a fella

P.S. also glad you're back :) x

caninecologne said...

omfg, dude does NOT look like a lady.

turns out that she's a hermaphrodite. seriously.

Anonymous said...

yeah just 'look' at her... girlfriend would make Ru Paul weep...

~Nate. xxx

Nate. xxx said...

Can i just add that the gay mormon guy on the You cover looks like he has a horn coming out of his head on the right of the picture- coincidence or cheeky photoshopping, you decide!!