Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fat Model Shenanigans

Well, it's been a fat model week this week. What with Karl spouting off a tirade about fat mums eating chips in front of the tv. Now comes the Ralph Lauren contrversy over their firing of model Filippa Hamilton for being too fat -- this comes right after her photoshop problems -- whereby she came across an artdiretor/ana-freak.

The image in in question is thus:

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Ralph Lauren are saying that it was a freak mistake. WhatEVS. Their latest ads are all bizarre. This one outside the store in Sydney made me do a doubletake a few months ago...

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Anners said...

I don't understand - are they trying to make a point about the freakishly inhuman standards of thinness the modeling industry has sunk to, or did they hire a blind photoshopper?