Sunday, December 06, 2009

WEll, something is working for Kim Kardashian

she's claiming it's the Quick Trim pills. In anycase, she's looking relatively buff and lost a lot of her infamous chunk...but TBH, I kinda liked the chunk. She worked it better than anyone I knew.

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VicLady said...

Well, personally speaking i think she looked better before. I can't bare it when you can see the bones.

R.M.B.-Speak said...

She rocked those curves! It's a shame when the hot ones go all Hollywood.

Jack said...

great shape, absolutely stunning

Houston Plastic Surgeon said...

That young lady looks fantastic! And honestly she has such a good shape that she's still attractive with extra lbs.

Dispute Resolution / Litigation Lawyers melbourne said...

Even she was hot now a lit bit over weight but she looks heality and happy thats enough I guess.