Monday, June 04, 2007

MTV Awards rundown

There was the whol hullabaloo about Paris going to the awards and then trotting off to jail...

My more pertinent question is: Can getting bashed up in jail fix the damn wonk?

The why-is-she-looking-so-much-better-these-days? Cameron Diaz

My new favourite, mildly greasy LA Barbie, Posh Spice.

Rhianna, the Bratz doll

What happens when you go for the Bratz look and you DON'T look like Rhianna

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Someone-got-a-surgery-top-up Fergie

and of course, the mess that is Amy Winehouse.

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Manny said...

Holy crap, Winehouse and her man/pusher look like they are about 6 months away from a domestic violence report followed by possession arrest.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Amy Winehouse does look a mess..but i love her music style tho..Posh looks amazing as always..Paris is Paris..Yeah fergie seems to be looking less fuglier..

Tallacuarenta said...

Do you think it was just a lucky coincidence, or Posh got her bra matching the carpet, and the dress matching the PHOTOCALL?? seriously, this is too much, this woman DOES NOT live in peace with her mind at all.

Elisa said...

haha talla40,
so true!

Anonymous said...

I love Amy's shoes...

ParakeetBill said...

Amy Winehouse needs to gain weight RIGHT NOW. Girl's legs are gonna give me nightmares.

Anyone else wonder why her top and bottom halves seem out of proportion? And how she's standing up right now?

Hmm... It could be polio.

Anonymous said...

OMG, this has to be the 4th or 5th picture of Amy Winehouse with that beehive matted mess of a hairstyle..please, please, please tell me that's wig!! I don't think i wanna know how many rats/mice/bugs are living in that thing!!
That being said, homegirl can sing!

Anonymous said...

Oh well i am guessing it goes with the theme of her song "rehab" is her