Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaga's looking good.

Honestly though -- I'm just waiting for the waif-dom to kick in. It always seems to. T'will be a shame.

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sarasophia said...

She is working the orange boo-tay, is she not?

<3 sarasophia

Anonymous said...

WHAT a weird life! Where 'it' goes stench and pestilence accumulates?!

Anonymous said...

Bloody vandal, and I hope she took a tumble in those heals ;-)

jkelsofarrell said...

I think her music sucks and I think she's trying too hard. Why is she a celebrity? Because she's now doing the Diablo Cody "I was once a stripper, bit?" Isn't she just another rich girl trying to be a star with marginal talent?

Janae said...

Freaking Buttaface if I ever seen one...gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Lisa said...

Yes, the waif-dom does kick in eventually, doesn't it? And part of the reason is our society's hateful attitude toward women's bodies, as evidenced by numerous posts on your own blog, sweetie.

Elisita said...

hmm...I think there's a difference between kate bosworth waifdom, gaga body, and beth ditto. I think we as a society make a mistake in making all curvy girls equal...and also making curvy synonymous with overweight.

The thing is...being overweight [for boys and girls] is unhealthy, and in general, unaesthetically pleasing.

Being curvy [and by curvy I mean gaga-esque] different.

IMO. :)