Friday, February 09, 2007

Michelle Rodriguez gets symbolic

I'm sure there's some meaning to the black leg shackle and the stolen tablecloth from a bridal reception...perhaps some kind of homage to marriage, or a homage to no sleep, crystal meth, and creepy Stilnox.
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Anonymous said...

That's her electronic ankle bracelet from the last time she got a DUI. She's got "Orwell" written on it since it's *so* 1984.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Is she wearing an upscale hospital gown?

pia said...

Stilnox is also known as ambien in the USA and has received lots of bad press and an upgrade in the prescrition laws for it.
on a side note it is totally my favorite drug to chill on. I did give myself a haircut in my sleep on it once, i woke up thinking what a trippy dream then saw my hair ALLOVER the bathroom! it ended up being a good thing as i started investing proper money in hairdressers and havent looked back since.
oh and on miss rodriguez, that is a tracking bracelet. and i have a massive girl crush on her!!