Monday, February 12, 2007

People continue to scare me

Ashlee Simpson at the Grammys. Has she had more work done? She's looking more 'special' than her sister nowadays...if that's even possible.

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My always realiable and beautiful Tara
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and Denise Richards. Totally no comment. NSFW

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Franci said...

Why, Denise has a totally controlled and toned body...unless you see them falling... out?

DrDiSaia said...

Does it look like Ashlee might have added some implants? Got any before pix? I can't tell from this pic alone.

Anonymous said...

Love Denise's picture - I didn't realize she was "packin'".

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Just pucker up your lips and blow.

d mumsie said...

Ashlee has a drunkerd's Face. Yep.. the witch chin, indented jowls and floppy mouth so when those cheeks droop too, she's gonna morph into Mom's Mabely!
No hope for an elegant aging.. sorry bout that pain to make a nice nose dear. Tara looks great.. Denise shows us she's quite up to speed with snorting her speed and even more eagerly showing her ho-ha. Good Gawd, rough denim seams rubbing against her lady flower.. yikes! She must have callouses..

Clinical Psychologist Ph.D. said...

I wonder if Dr. Disala has any opinion on Denise's abdomen? It looks like it has been the victim of liposuction, with all that excess skin up and down and all around. I have seen this effect in many people I know when the skin does't spring back - when the skin is not supple enough.

Good Doctor?? Your opinion please!!!

Anonymous said...

Denise?!...OMG...Is....Is that?.... I think it is.... It's vah-jay-jay!!