Monday, May 07, 2007

I hope this is temporary

...what's going on? Usually, either of these two would make me feel incredibly ill...but it all seems to have least for a today.

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Franci said...

Has anyone else noticed that the carrier-thingy has a crown motif embroidered/made of diamonds, heh?

Franci said...

I did not know you were a vegetarian, wow.
And you can't possibly be an atheist, if you think there's someone who could possibly by God, can you?

Elisa said...

haha Franci, yes, I'm a vegetarian, have been for about...7 years now. :)
Regarding the Morrissey = God's a bit of a joke...I think :)

Even though it's a bit propaganda-y I strongly recommend watching "Meet your Meat" on YouTube if you get a chance and are interested.


Franci said...

I will watch it, Elisa, for you recommended it to me.

I eat meat for I think we are designed to eat meat. And if the animals are raised in a natural way, perhaps in an organic farm they have a happy life.

eco-Franci said...

I have watched parts of the film. It is horrible and unjustified.
but this should not make one a vegetarian, for there is an alternative.
I do know some things about industrial animal farms, for I have visited and worked in some of them in our country. It is disgusting and cruel how animals are treated there.
And also I myself keep chicken and know how chicken can be kept without antibiotics, debeakening, cages and such.
There is an alternative and it's called small scale. I know a lot of farmers who keep animals and love them and provide them with all aspects of a full animal life.
sorry for not keeping strictly to the celebrity line...
and also, you must see themeatrix - a cartoon made about industrial stock raising in the Matrix films' style. Hilarous. A must see.

Paula said...

has anyone else noticed that Diaz's legs are unshaven above the knee? Cute dress though.