Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MKO unfugs for a bit

Not sure exactly what's going on here. There's talk that she got some work done. It's looking suspiciously like Angelina Jolie's Tomb-Raider-tan, but who knows?
Personally I'm just glad I no longer feel like my soul is being taken away when I look into her eyes.

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and just for fun...a bit of vintage MKOlsen.

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(thanks for the pickup guys...the older pic I posted up was the other)


DrDiSaia said...

I don't see much but she does look unusual.

Tallacuarenta said...

she still looks like an unhealthy duck


Janae said...

Her new lips look ridick-less!

I am so sick of these celebs with so much money but so stupid with knowing what looks good.

Anonymous said...

I think shes looking gorgeous...i love her style

Justin said...

better, but now her lips are disappearing into the rest of her face, a nasty trend I've seen in recent weeks. lips should stand out, not be the same color as the rest of your face, as if they've been bitten off by your yippy lap dog

Julia Eden said...

that last picture[vintage] isn't marykate. it's ashley.

mai said...

the "vintage" Olsen is actually Ashley... She does look different!

Sandra said...

a bit kate hudson in the "now" shot, no?

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Since when is fetal alcohol syndrome sexy?