Monday, May 21, 2007

Please tell me this is some sort of sick, awful hoax

Shitely Knightley?!? Replacing Kate Moss? Has Karl Lagerfeld gone mad? I need to lie down.

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Anonymous said...

kira is cuter anyway. time for kate to hang it up.

Franci said...

if I had any voice in voting between the two, I'd choose Keira.

Anonymous said...

no no no..Kate Moss is the best...however Keira does look cute in the ad though...but Kate rules..right eli?

Anonymous said...

you guys are crrazzyy kate is classic, timeless, keira is the vomit that is spewing out of mouth becuase of the violent reaction my body just had at the thought of having to see her replace kate.

~ :-)

Anonymous said...

IMO, Kate used to be the shit till her nostrils decided to start caving in on her, due to her excessive.. ahem* "ways".. lol
Plus i can't imagine anyone doing her b'friend and not dying a slow painful death due to all the STD's known to man (and a few new ones).
BUT C'MON?!?! KEIRA?!?! Can't they find anyone hotter/cuter/less underbite(ish)?
There has to be someone closer to Kates caliber pre-Pete days..