Friday, August 03, 2007

Most boring interview ever!

OMG...this totally sux. This makes the Paris/King interview look like a cracker. Joel Madden makes it so much worse.

She does look beautiful though.

Full boring thing here:


WNelWeb said...

Yeah, she does look beautiful and she is surprisingly (to me) well-spoken. Maybe she has learned something after all...

Anonymous said...

Ya know (and you know me, I NEVER support a celeb unless they deserve it), naff tho that intervew was and utterly unfair that her sentence ended up being, I can't help but have a faint glimmer of hope for Ms Richie.

Although still vapid with an undertone of bitch she did seem earnest in her replies to Diane Sawyer.

I watched the interview this morning and Richie really seemed to believe what she was saying.
Compared to Hilton's vacuous showbiz hunt which did nothing more than expose her for the air headed, two faced liar she is, Richie's statements seemed really heartfelt.

Now whether or not she ends up keeping her promises down the line remains to be seen...

I think she wants to believe them tho and that's a start. Paris on the other hand doesn't seem to have done much to open her female inmate's center. Unless she's on a 3 months sponsored charity bender party-a-thon in which case she's prolly earned a ton!!


P.S. although still skinny as a rake too, I though Richie really looked lovely.

Janae said...

I saw it on TV and it just made me sick. She is beautiful and she's lucky cuz that's the only thing making her seem normal.

What does that guy SEE in her? Her dad's money and influence? What does any guy see in her? Junkie crazy criminal.

She looked to her right so many times which means she's a big liar too.

Sylvie said...

She is so full of it. I'm sorry but I don't believe a word out of her mouth. She is so into herself, it's scary. She is pretty but that's about all she has going for her. She's too thin, she needs to quit worrying about her public image and start thinking of her baby.

Oh, and the liar thing is when they look to the left, which she did ALOT of. We watch alot of those real crime shows on the news and CourtTV.