Thursday, August 09, 2007

Someone kill me now

...please don't tell me Gwhineth Paltry is trying to make a comeback. Ugh, she's looking like her true self this month's W magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Crutches... a cane... Ummmm, I don't get it. Ohhh I know - Gwynnie is getting older, and Geriatric is the New Sexy!

Anonymous said...

Crutches & Cane? WTF? I don't get this - and total photoshop award to whoever created Gwhine in these pics - girl is a freckle-faced, wrinkled, pasty mouse IRL - those eyebrows look like caterpillars on her forehead!!

Anonymous said...

snore.... when will she ever get it that she's not an iconic figure in Hollywood. she's a bore with no talent and just a bunch of dumb-ass quotes like "kowtowing naked" to single mothers

Anonymous said...


Has she broken a leg that we don't (care) know about or something? Why the weird crutches- or has she developed a love for Dali??

What's with the weird brown brows?? Why does she look so weird? Has she had surgery to look more like her truly evil self???

What the hell GIVES??!!

PLEASE, oh Gods of the mighty stage and screen, DON'T bring this woman back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

Can't you see Gwyneth is paradoxically channeling both Brad Pitt from her early years with him and cold-hearted witch ex-Jennifer Aniston?

Sylvie said...

Ok...I never thought she was ugly but she looks down right horrible in these pictures. It doesn't even look like her on the front cover. Why would she allow these to be published??? Yuck!!!

Franci said...

supposing Gwyneth had to agree to publish these horrendous pictures - well, if anyone used to have any respect towards her, that respect should be dismissed.