Thursday, October 04, 2007

An ensemble of a tent and plastic shoes

seriously...what other person in the entire world could get away with


Anonymous said...

What the HELL? Yeah, only Cate can pull this off without looking like a total freak but when I saw the shoes I felt physically sick. WHY oh WHY would she DO that?? I mean I get it. she wants to make a statement but girlfriend has access to some of the world's leading designers and an almost unlimited budget and she goes for a weird Logan't Run bed sheet and a pair of PLASTIC PEEP TOES that her feet are squashed in to.

What the HELL? Firstly, peep toes are named as such because they're supposed to suggest a toe, secondly shoes are supposed to flatter the foot, not provide a steamy window to the world of your toe sweat!!

Obviously this outfit was sponsored by the good folks of Dorma and Ann Summers... sheesh!!

OK, stopping.

~Nate. xxx

WNelWeb said...

Funky clothes, cool clothes, same for shoes: doesn't matter.
Cate is a class act all the way around, regardless of her "weirdrobe".

pontifractusay said...

Did you say she "got away with it?"
no. She hasn't. Not one bit. Not at all.

Sylvie said...

She's so pretty. I don't care for that dress?, I guess that's what they're calling it. I like the shoes though. They're different. I like her earrings too.