Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is how all Maniston photoshoots should be done

...a lot of tan...a lot of distance...and a lot of photoshop. Makes the Maniston a little more bearable. Maniston does this month's Bazaar.

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Anonymous said...

Ah... white light and pale dressing- the photog's best friend!! MAN-iston!! LOLOL thanks for that, I thought it was just me. She's kinda hard looking, having the chiselled and sinewy figure that seems to be en-vogue right now. Ironically Angie wears it 'best', she has that whole athletic-bordering-on-anorexic look down pat.

I never got the obsession when it came to Jen- she was cute when she was the chubby faced one in the early episodes of Friends but that's about it.

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

They must have added some hair to her skull as well.

F r a n c i

WNelWeb said...

Not sure about Maniston... But this dress, cool and beautiful, makes her look as though she had her upper body on backwards. Maybe it's just me. It's late and I'm sleepy...

Anonymous said...

N, OMG!!! You're RIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...

jen aniston looks nothing like a man. have you met her in person? she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I do not concur with your comments on Jen. The photo is lovely.