Sunday, October 21, 2007 that you?

Ugh...this anorexic-back-look is SOOO Calista Flockhart 1997. Wasn't particularly appealing then...isn't now.
Still...I guess that's the price you pay to guarantee yourself a spot in this week's Who magazine.

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Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Egad! Her back looks like a gigantic vagina.

Anonymous said...

"Still...I guess that's the price you pay to guarantee yourself a spot in this week's Who magazine."
If she is so skinny because of an eating disorder, then she has DISEASE. Its not something you get so you appear on magazines.

Anonymous said...

anon... umm... she's still kinda proudly displaying her disease wrapped up in expensive satin, right?? I mean, if she's THAT sick then maybe she should stay home and not encourage other people to buy in to the beauty myth by wearing revealing clothing and smiling for the photogs. Just a thought.

~Nate. xxx

the red monster said...

:P x 10 = her!!!!!!!!!!

WNelWeb said...

You know we can't help getting on in years, but to be so painfully thin only emphasizes the effects of time.

Dammit girl! Eat a cheeseburger!


Anonymous said...

Why don't we start calling this trend "Concentration Camp Chic" - that's about the only place I have seen people that emaciated. Either she's suffering from CC Chic, or one of her ancestors was a greyhound.

Anonymous said...

anon2: people with anorexia, bulimia, or another eating disorder have a different view of their own body. she probably doesnt know how extremely thin she looks. she might think she looks just normal, maybe even fat.
again, its a DISEASE

Anonymous said...

ew, that is so unattractive. hopefuly she sees photos of herself and wakes up.

Janae said...

Gross!! And "Concentration Camp Chic" is a perfect name for it.

I'm all for honesty. Always have been.