Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Helena channels the Winehouse

Honestly...I know she's pregnant and a little nuts in general, but that's no excuse for going all Amy Winehouse on us Helena...

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Anonymous said...

aww i think we should be less critical of helena bonham carter because she wear what she likes and doesn't care what other people think and we should praise her individuality in these times of unoriginality and uniformity

Anonymous said...

OH-MY-GOD!!! I'm strangely digging the coat for some reason but honestly, I wonder at times if the reason this woman acts and dresses so bizarrely is because she's KNOWN for it. NO ONE is THAT kooky 24/7???

Scary... she seems like a nice chick tho. You never hear diva stories about her which is cool and she doesn't have the whole Gwhineth misery chops thing going on either which is refreshing in the eccentric.

HB kinda reminds me of a younger version of the nutty old cat lady every town has!!

~Nate. xxx

Sylvie said...

I like her dress. I'm sure she is kooky 24/7 though, she is with Tim Burton and he seems pretty kooky himself. It's kinda like the modern day Adams family.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I think she really is like bizarrely talented. And I actually respect her for not bothering with dressing up for the paps while pregnant, for chrissakes.