Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well....at least we know it was live...

Those backup singers are doing their darndest...but ahh....someone just needs to snatch the bottle and needles out of Amy's hands.
It's painful..check it out around teh -2:00mark.
Amy's singing here at the Euro MTV music awards.


Anonymous said...

What the hell?? Is she shooting Novacaine now, was that English?? She sounds like the Eddy Murphy character that would slur his songs. Scary...

Honestly, it’s like watching one of those messed up scenes from a rock biopic where the star falls over on stage because he or she’s messed up on drugs… eek!!!

Between Britney and Amy, the MTV awards have really become a mess. Is it just me or are performances like this becoming all too common these days? It's sad... and also darkly funny at the same time.


P.S. LOVE this song, it's one of the few you can REALLY sing along to. I 'make up' the words I don't know by filling the spaces with vowel noises too. YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Since the music was distracting me, I switched it off. I suggest you doing the same.
This person is definitely on substance.
Her movement, nervousness, it's a completey diagnosis.

f r a n c i

2400_maddyaubert said...

ummm what is she saying exactly.... this is rather concerning and a little disturbing to be honest.

poor poor girl...


WNelWeb said...

Helluva singer (like the sound of her voice anyway). However. I have no clue what she is singing. I don't think she knows either. Maybe I'm too old fashioned, but I am a firm believer that you should take the time to a) learn the words to the song, b) enunciate them, c) show up straight, if you plan on singing in public. Maybe it's just me...
The only saving grace here is that she is so poorly lit, one cannot make out what a drugged-out husk of a stoner she has become. Maybe the lighting designer took that into account, took pity on her and decided to be kind and not let anyone see the barely animated pile that used to be a woman.
Heaven help us all.