Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ugly Stick!

Not that I think they're particularly attractive nowadays...but the Hilton sisters are featured here in a Vogue shoot when they were 18 and 16...in the days before photoshop...and uh...it shows. This shoot is a veritable mess!

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Pia said...

Elisa I think you are wrong about them looking unfortunate. Paris looks like a beautiful doll (though a sad one) Nicky is unfortunate, she has mongface.

Anonymous said...

Fug-a-licious, E!! I don't know where you dug this little nugget of wonderment up but it's brilliant!! I like how Paris has the trademark wonk even back then- thankfully it seems to have left her shoulders in recent years, poor girl was stood like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame!!

Thanks for the laugh!
~Nate. xxx

miss diarist said...

Hmm. If vapid were a style, they'd personify it.

the red monster said...

eeeeeewwwwww this is like black mail lol

Anonymous said...

Nicky was actually very very plain until she hit womanhood. And not to defend the Hiltons, but I think they were given bad direction from whoever was calling the shots. You know Paris would have been hamming it up! I think the goal was "sterile" and "perfect" but like pia said, all we see is sadness.

These old articles are great, Elise! How did you find this?


Emma said...

wow this is gold lol i'm an old blogger with a new blog maybe you could check it out and leave a comment?

Liz said...

Those are some NASTY-ASS FEAT.