Sunday, March 02, 2008

Half-Blood Price is back

I have to say I like Harry because he has the odd quality of being royal...but not managing to look neither milquetoast, nor effeminate, nor....receding.
That being said - he's back from this secret mission in Afghanistan (where he'd been for 10 weeks)...after the story was leaked.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you Harry. Sadly the cat was let out of the bag and you have been sent packing, however this is a safety precaution for you and others who serve their country around you. I believe Wills is off soon. Good Luck

nate. xxx said...

this was so sad. at the end of the day these guys all get military training but poor harry really wanted to use his. I guess even princes can have ahard time realizing their dreams. I actually admire him. I'm a British Republican and have always held the opinion that these people are an ugly waste of space and money but Harry has made me rethink him as a person. I feel terribly that he had to come home but good for him fo chasing his dream and taking care of his people. He might not be our future king but he's a star in my opinion.