Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will Scientology save him?

Scientology is in the process of claiming a new victim --> Pete Doherty, of all people. What a beautiful partnership - junkiehood meets crazy cult. He's been buying Scientology books and apparently taking it quite seriously.

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Anonymous said...

It seems needlessly mean-spirited and hurtful for you to refer to my religion as a "cult" and as someone taking an interest in it as a "victim".

However, since you yourself refer to your own blog as "inane and gloriously superficial", I suppose it doesn't really matter.

DrDiSaia said...

Maybe he is onto Scientology for the new world version of the "Indulgence?" The middle ages haven't got anything on him. LOL.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Calling the Scientology Organized Crime Family a cult and a new sucker a victim is just adhering to the truth. Religion my ass. Are you aware, Anon, that Hubbard's claim that he cured himself of blindness and being crippled after WWII is a total lie? The whole damn cult is based on lies spewed forth from a madman. Proof is rampant, but you won't seek it out because you'd rather let them tell you what to think. Oh, and are you aware that old L. Ron died with psychotropic drugs in his body? And that Miscarriage wasn't supposed to take over after Hubbard croaked? Once you learn the truth it'll be easy to escape from that looney farm. Take my word for it. I was there.

nate xxx said...

this might be the poster child scientology needs to put people off. I mean who wants to be in the same club as Pete Doherty (membership comes with a hypodermic full of antibiotics and a living will...)???

~Nate. xxx

nate xxx said...

Oh and anon 7.34 please... if you're going to leave arsey messages on people's boards at least have the courage of your convictions and leave your name.

Leaving nothing more than a pointless link to something we could have all Googled if we'd had a free half hour and wanted a laugh is pathetic.

Seriously, you need to chill out and if you don't like the press then don't read a blog that has oftentimes taken a dim view of your religion. Hiding behind your monitor and making snarky comments is even more "inane and gloriously superficial".

~ (proud to put my name) Nate. xxx

Sylvie said...

I really hope this isn't true. For some reason I like him. I read an article about him and he just seems like a good person who made some really bad choices in life. Hopefully this won't be another one.