Thursday, March 27, 2008

This got 10million viewers?

Apparently, network chiefs at CBS are so thrilled with Britney Spears' guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother; they want to give Brit her own show. Her cameo as a secretary on this week's episode attracted 10 million viewer - it's highest ever ratings.

Uhh...honestly...this was about as funny as getting stuck in an elevator for 10 hours with Gwhineth Paltrow...o.k...that would be funnier.

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nate xxx said...

OMG it's so wooden!!! I guess I can understand why people watched it (it's like driving past a train wreck) and I can understand why the execs have offered her a show of her own (since she's in to the idea of being on TV now and the sponsors will love it because... see previous comment) but the people that rated her as GOOD??? WTF??? I also felt a bit sorry for her- next to Sarah Chalke you really do get an idea of just how plain and sad she looks. And I'm not a massive fan of Sarah Chalke's.

Side note... why is her hair STILL stringy and choppy around the scalp?? Hasn't her hair grown in to a decent length yet??

Nate. xxx