Wednesday, April 09, 2008

...but Mariah is actually looking OK these days. Honestly, girlfriend has lost half her body weight. With that and the fact that she's achieved more #1 Hits than Elvis...well, let's just say she was down, but at the moment, still not out.

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nate. xxx said...

yeah I agree actually. she's lookin' good. Her unworldly skin makes me think a chunk of her change prolly has a lot to do with a cocktail of chemicals but her figure is great. You HAVE to go to BBC radio one tho nd listen to the interview she did with the guys on there. HILARIOUS!!! She's 100% diva and the questions are 100% dumb- combined it's hilarious!!

~Nate. xxx

Sylvie said...

I think she always looks better when she has more clothes on. I'm not being mean, she just doesn't look good when she's half-naked. She's like 40 now, so it's good she's dressing her age now then instead of someone in their early 20's.