Monday, April 07, 2008

What's going on with these incest stories?

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btw...I love crazy manque15! She rocks!!!! *what happened 60 minutes?*


Pia said...

Wow....So she has found a way to make daddy love her and he won't abandon her again.
And daddy....well he is a bit of a sick!!

these people all come across as cast members From Wrong Turn and The Hills Have eyes.

(I wish that daughter would call him 'daddy' and he 'daddies little girl' (not really my nausea would turn into true vom)

and.. ?? what happens when Celeste hits puberty and daddy/grandaddy pops a viagra?

ok point, the Scottish bird called her bro an absolutely gorgeous man...he looks like he has down syndrome.


nate xxx said...

things that make you go BELEUGH!!!!!

This was so utterly wring on so many levels- my brain has begin thinking things that make me physically sick so I'll keep this short. The fact that this is supposedly prevalent amazes me.

Sure, Incest IS prevalent, it's a problem as bad and unfortunately as common as paedophilia but the idea of these 'relationships' becoming long-term, "normal" relationships (by which I mean house, kids and such) just makes me ill. Moreso with the father/ daughter relationship because frankly he's done her mum. I mean... yeah, ya see, my brain is doing backflips as is my stomach.

Amazing... I just hope the powers that be see this and take those kids away and deprogram them. Yuck...

~nate. xxx

Elisa said...

Hi Nate,
Good to see you back as well :)
Manque15 pulled her incest video because she felt bad about it.
She explains it here:


vitasubtenebrae said...

Thanks for the update, Elisa. I actually agree with her on some level, 60 minutes covered the story, we are educated and the powers that be should take with the families. End of...

I can understand tho why some people were so outraged, it made for sickening telly.

Take care, sweets.
~Nate. xxx