Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ummm...I'm homely and therefore homey?

Hey guys,
Don't know if you caught this story a few days ago.

The image shows a pair of computerised "averaged" facial photographs taken from real people's pictures. According to the research, the faces on the right are of someone who is more likely to be interested in a short-term sexual relationship whilst the ones on the left are more likely to be interested in a long-term relationship. About 700 heterosexual people took part in the survey carried out by Durham, St. Andrews and Aberdeen universities.

O.k...big discovery - hotter people have more sex than ugly people. Uhh...How is that a finding? Although I'd like to find out who the serial killer on the right is managing to tap - spooksville.

Also, I hope I'm not being narcissitic, but I look spookily like that homely girl on the boys (and serial killers), stay away from me, I'll be wanting a ring and babies after Date#1!

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Anonymous said...

I think it has to do something with the level of (wo)manhood that comes accross their faces.
Those (wo)men who have higher levels of sexual hormones are found more attractive by their potential sexual partners.
Their level of such hormones is displayed by special features of their face.
Or, it only appears so.

But our eyes can be deceived. When we see a man with expressed masculine featured on his face, we assume he's got..uhm..something. - which makes us feel attracted towards him.

These people tend to make opportunity of their looks.
Hence is their higher frequency of 'actions'.

But this is only a tendency.

I know of a girl who's facial expression and facial characteristics remind of of Angelina Jolie's.
Every men feels that she's flirting and she's about to have an easy relationship with about every one of them.
Sadly, this is a very reserved girl, a serious and shy one and it embarasses her the most.

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