Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ermm. Old news I know...but still, what happened?

From this:

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to this. Golly.

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locksmith mesa said...

Wow! I like it! =)

Kristen said...

Here's the thing. When she did THe Dules of Hazzard, she was eating a strict diet of lean protein and vegetables, plus working out 2 hours a day, everyday. If you're eating a strict diet and still have to work out 2 hours a day to maintain your size, you're making your body do something it is not meant to do. She is a naturally curvy girl, and she shouldn't have to deny herself to maintain some random standard.

Never thought I'd defend Jessica Simpson - I can't stand her or her sister, but people should stop criticizing her weight. Criticize her lack of talent instead. ;)

sarasophia said...


Its a giant version of Jessica.

I'm sorry ye who defend the stout among us....but it's FUNNY.

I would laugh at photos of myself if they depicted me with a large Texas bouffant hair-do, wearing high-waisted crotch-wedgie jeans, a belt made out of a jungle cat, and thirty pounds heavier.

I honestly would.

Lisa B said...

Good for you, Kristen. All women are expected to live up to a certain image that very few women come by naturally. It is exhausting and unhealthy, which is why so few non-celebrity women look like that first photo of Jessica.

Celebrities, on the other hand, are paid to look like that (especially if they are working on a big budget movie where their sole purpose is to be man-bait), so they have an added incentive to work 24-7 at it.

But even some celebrity women eventually revolt or relax just a tiny bit, although not for long. I'm sure she'll be skinny again and continue yo-yoing the rest of her life, battling nature. I ache for all of us who get taken in by the sex-bot model-skinny imperative. (And I don't think she's even fat here, for gawd's sake.)

Anonymous said...

Who in HELL likes these kind of jeans, let alone designs them???

There is NOTHing attractive about them!!!