Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Lisa

You've come a long way from your Days of our Lives Days [actually...is that why she's still around...because she's still on the show?!?!] but honestly...your lips are really killing me...and by killing me -- I mean giving me a slow painful death via eyeball-socket bleeding.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Anonymous said...

She's gone from self-disfigured Joan Rivers-Madonna stratosphere of vain, old, gistled and crude and entered the rarer crazy Courtney Love Fergie Meth face Troposphere of butchered Butt ugly.

Caldonia Sun said...

I cannot stand this woman. She was cute, once upon a time.

Kristen said...

She's still around because she took over for Joan Rivers on the TV Guide channel's 'Red Carpet' specials.

Have you ever seen a 'before' picture of her, when she was just starting out? She was gorgeous! It's sad what she's done to herself.

Janae said...

"Anonymous"...totally funny!! And so true...that is a sentiment from my own heart.

Kya-tic said...

Oh god, it looks like she's got two pieces of chicken gristle stuck to her face... why do women do that to themselves? Do they wake up and think 'one vagina isn't enough, I'll create one on my face'? It's obscene.