Thursday, May 21, 2009

How embrarassment! FAIL

I once did this with a pair of shoes actually. It was the one where you could customise the writing on it and instead of Holden Caulfield -- I put Holden Caufield. My brother thought I was the LAMEST person ever. This's pretty goddamn embarassing.

Hayden is the latest celebrity on the "lets put deep and meaningful latin/italian writing on my body" -- a la Angelina and Lindsay Lohan -- but she spelt the damn thing wrong. She's written "vivere senza rimipianti" -- but the actual thing should say "rimpianti". Ughhh...embarassing.

I guess the plus side is that she can start putting the saying into practice ["living without regret"]

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Anonymous said...

I guess living without regrets includes spelling mistakes...

louie - iceland said...

what can you say, the girl is a geneus ;-)

ps i have read your blog for ages and i love it. just wanted to tell you there is a book/movie called "let the right one in" written/manuscripted by a morrisey fan (it's named after let the right one slip in)

Janae said...

I don't get this girl's appeal. She is so plain-looking!!

And kinda smug too.