Saturday, May 16, 2009

WTF did Kim Kardashian Lopez do to her face?

Umm...the JLo mash-face look doesn't look good on JLo -- what makes KK think that it would be any different for her. ugh.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


jkelsofarrell said...

Well, she's been blabbing about future plastic surgeries she'll undergo, so maybe she's practicing by having some now? She's certainly not doing herself any favors and becoming even more generic which can't work in her favor seeing as she has no talent.

Elisita said...

yes perhaps -- her nose certainly seems to be getting smaller. She's got such a good face naturally though she should just leave things the hell alone :)


Janae said...

God, when will they simply


Her nose IS yes, now too small for her face. And her lips look weird.

What is wrong with these people?

lisa said...

Your right she does look like Jennifer Lopez! Omg this does not look good,
here is a picture of her before and she looks great!

Filippa said...

I absolutely agree with you Lisa, on that picture she looks great! and looks like a normal human being,I'm sorry but on these pictures she doesn't even look like a human!

Anonymous said...

i just don't get the fascination with this woman. i don't find her attractive, her arse is twice the size of any normal bovine's and now she's gone and hacked up her face. it'll be a sweet sweet day when she goes back to her former profession: amatuer golden shower receipient and porn fluffer. i'm sure her dad would be soooooo proud of this thing he produced. ugh.

HonSizz said...

Not sure what's up with that face??? "Butt" I have no doubt she was blessed with a beautiful behind! In fact there's a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon by the name of Dr. David Saadat that is performing one of the greatest cosmetic procedures ever given to man! It's branded as the Beverly Hills Butt Lift ( and the results are phenomenal!!! If you want to see some booty take a look at what that doctor is doing!