Monday, April 23, 2007

Britney is on something stronger than Prozac and Paxil

I really thought this had to be fake, but it corresponds to her outfit below. Honestly, this woman cannot be a millionaire, right?

Update. I know the YouTube vid wasn't working.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna see it, but it's been removed!

Pippi ^.^ said...

"Britney, go to the light, go to the light and see Jesus"
haha. Now i can see the light, it is RIGHT above me. Because i'm lying on the floor XD XD
So, Britney is of course right, i believe everything i read, but much more important is the fact that i'm totally touched by everything i see. Oooh.
the world is soo nice.
Thank you, world, your inhabitants really make me laugh. ;D