Monday, April 23, 2007

What the hell is Bai Ling thinking?!?

This is the normal, sweet, girl next door Bai Ling we all know and love.

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This madness on the other hand, is not amusing me at all.

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Justin said...

oh my good lord, what tacky err, um, earrings? *confused look*

don't tell me our poor little dumpster-diving-for-rags bai found a named designer who'd give her a dress and jewelry?

Justin said...

nice, Elisa tracks down my Fav Bai photo, I actually Like the red necklace with the silver bra and dress tied at the waist. the belt draws everything together, red, silver, pastel (for the dress), I think it's a killer outfit for the right party. And the boots match the bra.