Monday, April 23, 2007

Sharon tries to bring the long skirt back

I know what's she's trying to do. She's thought hard and is strategically trying to bring back the long skirt a la early 90s like Calista, Gwhine-th, and Meg (see below)...or well...let's just face the facts eh? She's a random alcoholic woman who's "borrowed" some bridesmaid's gear, really making the look her own by tying on a beautiful flower to her arm with her teeth.

Either that or Paris Hilton is looking remarkably well today.

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Justin said...

actually I was thinking more of an 80's prom dress but without the 'megabillionaire evil mastermind who's actually a good guy from the TMNT movie' shoulderpads in the frilly top

*wipes brow* whew, I need to rest after constructing that reference :)

Elisa said...

Its an 80s prom dress being worn by the same person that wore it IN the 80s :)

Anonymous said...

I think she's trying to bring back a look that she originally created. The long skirt trend started after she wore her husband's white button up shirt with a long Vera Wang skirt to the Oscar's in the mid-90s.

Elisa said...

anon1221...of course! I'd competley forgotten. Very good pickup.
Oscar pic of shraon here:
oscars 98