Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kate Bosworth's boyfriend is...pretty

Those boyfriends that are prettier than you are, are NEVER a good accessory. Still, she's looking like she's coming back from the brink of perhaps it's all in her best interests.

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Justin said...

they look Gorgeous together, but how long before he starts stealing her hair and facial products and flirting with her brother?

*is jealous of his strong chin*

Anonymous said...

Wow...why so judgemental..does he have to be gay, my bf looks a little pretty but hes not gay..I find that offensive..BTW he does look hotter than her though

Justin said...

*wonders if anon816 missed the 'jealous' bit of the comment*

Elisa said...

haha justin. I think you've just made poor anon816 paranoid about her own boyfriend :)