Sunday, July 29, 2007

Better Before

This mess 90s

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VS this mess 07

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Stefanie said...

Well, I think:

POSH: Would look "better" now, if not for the ridiculous get-up and surgeries,
BABY: Looks the same, a little older,
SCARY: Gets the sympathy vote; she just had a kid, but otherwise ok,
SPORTY: Holding up well,
GINGER: Looks better now! I'm sorry, but she does.

Justin said...

hey, at least in the first pic they had a theme going (they were all tramps *grin*), but hey, at least it was consistent. :)

and you know, I'm Still digging the two Mels more than the rest of them :D

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... well I guess in the past at least they looked consistently weird and they had their youth to blame on poor fashion choices.

Now they're like the Village People- each one has a separate personality and none of it makes sense. Plus they're campier than a bottle of KY and a bag of carrots!!

I am horribly intrigued to 'hear' what they come up with. It's kinda like looking at a train wreck isn't it?? Let's call it morbid curiosity... I guess Take That did it so why not??


Kristen said...

Wow, Posh looks almost human in the before shot.

Jonathan Shewchuk said...

It looks like somebody mistook Ginger Spice for a wedding cake and frosted her. Good thing Posh had those mounting posts installed to hold up her blouse. And would somebody please send an assistant out to look for Baby Spice's waist? She must have dropped it somewhere.

Amazing how Sporty Spice has gone from the least attractive member of the group to maybe the most attractive.

Anonymous said...

JOHNATHAN!! I can't agree with you more- the munter has become the hottie!!


Franci said...

It seems that I'm alone again with thinking Sporty looked fresh before and looks like an old *cougs* bar singer now.

Elisa said...

franci...I'm with you! IMO Sporty looked 100 times better before.

(they all did)