Monday, February 04, 2008

Elisita's got a video camera :)

Sorry if you find it a bit obnoxious...but I do love you guys. :)


nate. xxx said...

Look at you!!! Good to see you properly and put a moving face to the blog. We love you too, Elisita, you always make an otherwise boring day fun.

Take care and watch for those Paparrazis, chica now you're a cover girl!!

~Nate. xxx

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I've been pronouncing your name wrong all along. How can I bear my shame? And thanks for setting me straight. Pretty name, by the way.

Kahvi said...

You are too cute! Love your site. I check it regularly.

Lady Artemisia Frontbottom said...

Loves it!
But you didn't once mention Sheilas, kangaroos or barbies.

Totally a fake Aussie!

-the former whatwouldjanicedickinsondo

Kristen said...

Love, love, love your blog, Elisita!

Elisa said...

aww, thanks, you guys are the best! :)
love, elisita

Pendejo Joe said...


KamilaHarris said...

yayy that was so cute! i've been wondering what your voice sounds like for YEARS! lol

Anonymous said...

That was a cool treatment for all your readers. thank you!

F r a n c i

WNelWeb said...

A kiss and a wink later and we love you too!

Mongoose said...

I've been pronouncing your name wrong all these years so now I'm going to split the difference and just call you "Fred" or possibly "Crazy Nuts McGee".

Jenny from Arkansas, US said...

Aww I'm so jealous of your accent!

I just read through all the archives... love love love the blog- always smart & funny!

Keep it up girl!