Thursday, February 21, 2008

My money's on - pregnant -

...although...50year old women generally don't get pregnant. Conundrum.
Katie Holmes at the Costume Designers Guild Awards.

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Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

Somehow I am thinking 50 year old woman on botox but keeps getting all leather faced because of sun but then I am thinking Karen Carpenter as KH is scarily thin! Her face looks awful! and not just the tan!

Emma said...

wait katie pregnant?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean pregnant? Katie? Naw you can see her pelvic bones she is just standing funny

Anonymous said...

Not pregnant.
Since when became displaying pelvic bones and unnatural stance hip?

F r a n c i

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

They've already cloned the spawn of L. Ron. It would be like having a second Jesus if she dropped another brat now.

Anonymous said...

She's bone thin, in bad physical shape and wearing poorly made, unflattering, yet.. extremely expensive designer clothes that make her look like the smug, always happy rich rich socialite that everyone envy's.