Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seriously...'actresses' should be banned from photoshoots

This totally, totally sucks. Jessica Alba is neither a good actor, nor a good model..and worst of all, she's always whingeing about being chased by the media, and being latina in hollywood, and not fitting in and blah wah blah. She better go underground after she pops out child or I'm going to have an episode. From the March issue of Latina magazine.

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Special needs child anyone? I'm talking about Alba...not the baby.

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Seriously...someone give me a break...
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Anonymous said...

I cant stand this bitch, she has such a shitty attitude and ZERO gratitude for her status, success and gorgeous looks.
i hope she has terrible stretch marks after she has birthed her brat and I really really hope she decides to give up acting.
F*CK her and her perfect lips!!

Anonymous said...

I always kinda dug her, She always seemed pretty unassuming to me but then I missed the whole 'I'm latina woe is me bit' so I'm on the fence now. I don't care what race you are, that crap is annoying. So are these photos- how long was she in theater school???

~Nate. xxx

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

The point is not to smile you twit! That and she's not anything speciel but then who are these days in Hollywood et al?

jadys said...

Goddamnit. Her facial expressions are not even remotely convincing.