Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Kids on the Block look a bit decrepit

Oh dear...they should just lay off...their dance moves are stuck in the 80s [umm...blur and quick editing can't fix this mess] and the guy that looks like he's from Staten Island needs to cover the HELL up. Creepsville.

This is their new single Summertime. Hurltime more like it.


nate. xxx said...

UURGH!!! They are NOT R and B, they are NOT Justin Timberlake, they DO look like a bunch of gross old bastards one might find ogling one's boobs at the local casino...

I think I may have been a little sick in my mouth...

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

The end is hilarious, too - the guys just walk INTO the ocean :)

Otherwise, it's just plain boring, as you said, Elisa

F r a n c i

Anonymous said...

"the guy that looks like he's from Staten Island".... You obviously have no idea who they are, so you really should just keep your mouth shut about them. Try talking about something you actually know about next time and maybe it'll be worth reading. Cause who the hell are you? Oh, no one, that's right.

Have a nice day.

Elisa said...

hey anon 823,
sorry mate, didn't to be disparaging.
I have three friends from Staty and they looked exactly like that guy without a shirt on :)


Anonymous said...

Good grief - boats, helicopters, fancy cars....this is like a bad B movie. And why are the guys on the beach in long sleeves and the girls in tiny bathing suits? it's crap.

Pia said...

yowsa elisa did you piss on anons chips or something???
Angry angry person!!
I saw the Staten thing too and thought it was TOOO funny.

"Cause who the hell are you? Oh, no one, that's right."

wrong she is Elisa ... see she has a name... whats yours eh?

nate said...


I agree completely. It's easy to insult people when you're hiding behind your anonymity. What a dick...

~Nate. xxx