Friday, June 13, 2008

Wino Wino Wino

Love! What are you holdoing. I hope it's a cola-flavoured iceblock and not your intestinal tripe. Also - if you have enough vanity to still pack on the fake tan - can't you for goodness sake cut out the heroin jabs? Honestly now.

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WNelWeb said...

It's a preserved beef jerky!
No, it's a root beer flavored icy pop.
No, it's a new Wii handheld thingy.
God, this chick is scary.

nate said...

Reminds me of those colon blaster infomercials where they show you that plaque stuff. It's prolly the first and only piece of 'solid' food she has had in ages!!

Man, the bit about the fake tan was hilarious and oh so true!!! If you want to bother with the fake tan and topping up the beehive you might want to get those prison stylie tats looked at too. BLEUGH!!! Girlfriend looks like she stumbled out of a council flat to give her street urchin kids a treat before shuffling back in and preparing for her job behind the pub.


~Nate. xxx