Friday, June 13, 2008

Elisita doesn't need to see this

Honestly. I was traumatised by my last Nikki Cox post- but at least in that post - her face wasn't melting off, as it appears to be now. Quick Nikki - go find your nearest freezer before it all falls into a puddle at your 80 year old feet.

[sorry about the thumbnails guys - imageshack has died on me for the time being and at the moment I haven't been able to find an image hosting that's up to par with it...thanks]


Anonymous said...

It's those lips--they're dragging down the rest of her face!


nate said...

ahahahahaha.... reminds me of the Spitting Image puppets from the 80s. If you missed it where you are, check it out on You Tube, it's uncanny!!!

~Nate. xxx

The Glam Slam said...

I know! So sad. I mean, I don't even think she's over 30! Put down the restalyne, Nikki!