Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angie goes Tom Cruise Couch Jumping Crazy

What pills she been poppin'? Don't tell me she's been getting into Dianetics!

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Anonymous said...

She has great beauty, a lovely family, fine man, money, fame, and a nomination for her great movie., Jen looks like crap warmed over desperate naked. It's all whipped cream with a cherry on top life to her right now.. ahahaa.

Anonymous said...

It is nice seeing Angelina so happy.
People seem to complain when she doesn't smile, but question when she does.

I agree with the previous comment.

Jen has mentioned Brad and Angelina and their children in almost every interview for marley and me. She needs to stop talking about them and move on!

Meanwhile Brad has NOT mentioned her ONCE while promoting Benjamin Button and hasn't talked about her for years. He talks about Angelina and the kids and isn't still talking about a divorce that happened FOUR years ago..

Pia said...

looks like that forehead has been thoroughly botoxed, I just tried to pull those faces without moving the top 3rd of my face and i couldn't do it, her head is shiny and ironed. (im 5 years younger too)

Anonymous said...

Uh, no Pia...

Angelina is 33, why would she use botox?

her forehead moves here with lines, which I don't think it would do with botox

MollyFall said...

She's always been crazy, that's why we like her:)
And I must mention that Brad is damn cute on the first picture, that's a lovely look:)