Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday XTINA

I love someone who always meets out trashiest expectations. 'Onya XTINA. Keep it up for '09 - I knew that Dita-1950s pinup stylin' of early '08 couldn't last too long. Here's for being in your 20s and looking like you're in your 40s.

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Anonymous said...

Is this blog for real? U can't possibly make any money off of this crap!

jkelsofarrell said...

Go away, Anonymous.

Elisita said...

aww thanks jkelso :) anon 648 is right though - don't make any $ off this blog - whatsoever - by choice.


Anners said...

Any idea why she's referencing A Clockwork Orange?

jkelsofarrell said...

And that's why I read it. That, and the devotion to Morrissey.

Pia said...

I like your blog Elisita, I don't always agree with you about some things ie your opinion on Jen Aniston mind you, you are right and she is looking better these days.
I check in every few days and i read the comments also.
dear anon 648,
Well put. also you are a shit and a coward.
Merry Christmas.

Ani said...

Anon simply doesn't understand the concept of having a little fun

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Maybe you can start selling Viagra, Elisita. And Mr. Anonymous, the best things in lif are free.

Merry Christmas/Solstice/Secular Holiday, dear Elisita.

Anonymous said...

Pia, Glad we resorted to name calling. That is always useful.