Saturday, December 06, 2008

Political Correctness gone wrong [is it ever right?]

Ugh - Australia is turning into such a nanny state! First the ridiculous, dictatorial potential implementation of the Government Internet Filter [sign the petition against it here fellow Aussies] and on a much more trivial but equally significant level - our abhorrence to mention the word Christmas. We've even gone as far as being the only country who has changed the name and the poster of the movie "Four Christmases". Fantastic. Just great. Thanks for looking out for us censorship board!

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AUSTRALIAN VERSION [from website - couldn't find actual poster]
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Credits: my BFF - Sascha's father!


Anonymous said...


Liz said...

Wow, i had no idea. That's odd since I can't get "Happy Holidays" cards anywhere. The only thing in the stores are Christmas cards and all of the holiday stamps are so religious or the "Christmas Island," ones which are cute, but unfortunately, are sold out at my local Post Office.

MollyFall said...

I'm not Australian so I don't know..why is it forbidden to mention Christmas?

Anonymous said...

There is Christmas the religious holiday and greedy liberalism, breaking down the barriers, spoiling your life sucking you dry and claiming to be superior to it all by allowing you a day off.