Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear oh dear

*sigh*. Happy Birthday Amy.

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town_ho said...

what an unfortunate situation. anyone remember what she used to look like before she lost all the weight and the drugs took massive hold on her? i really hope she gets her stuff together and returns to that former self... someday

WNelWeb said...

OK. This woman needs a nap. Seriously. For about a year.
God help her.
Or as we in the south often say, "Bless her heart!"


Pia said...

I haven't seen many people as far gone and straight up nasty as wino.

How the fuckityfuck does someone get as mankified as her?

nate said...

Let's hope someone bought her one of those handy toiletry kits for her big day... girlfriend needs to spend less time snorting the crap out of that mic (she'll snort anything that one!!) and more time getting familiar with the clean end of a sponge.

It's not sad, it's ridiculous- that woman is surrounded by people that can help her and yet she chooses to live this way. Yuck!!

~Nate. xxx