Thursday, September 11, 2008 the epitome of the 90s.

This was only taken 2 days ago at the DKNY party, buy Winona looks like she was plucked straight out of 1994. From the matte white foundation, to the haircut, to the black gettup with the necklace...
Is this the new retro? I'm freaked.

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Anonymous said...

does the woman not age??

Pia said...

anon 347 i was thinking the same thing as i clicked to view the comments. LOL
that is a very dull 90's look she is whoring out here 'meh'

nate said...

apparently she has been shoplifting at the creme de la mer section at Macy's- her skin is totally devoid of wrinkles- are we sure this isn't an old pic?? ;-)

Elisa said...

hi nate!
Goog to have you back. Yup. Definitely a recent photo. From around a week ago.